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7 Ways to Cure Dog Boredom

7 ways to cure dog boredomSummer is here, and that means parents around the country are going to hear the phrase, “I’m bored!” at least once a day from the same kids who couldn’t wait to be released from their classes a few weeks ago.

Did you know humans aren’t the only ones who deal with boredom on a regular basis? That’s right. Our pets–and specifically our dogs–depend on us for entertainment and interaction. If we’re too busy or they aren’t given enough to do, they get bored, and instead of saying, “I’m bored!” they chew things or sneak food off counters or destroy plants. You get the idea!

7 Easy Ways To Cure Dog Boredom This Summer

1. Freeze a Kong. Kongs are an excellent cure when it comes to dog boredom. Kongs are indestructible and can easily occupy a dog for 30+ minutes at a time. Up your game by freezing some broth or peanut butter inside!

2. Start Tug of War. Grab a rope or an old towel and encourage your dog to play. It’s good exercise and will strengthen bonding. Be sure to let your dog win on occasion, and communicate clearly if the game gets out of hand. Despite what you may have heard, playing Tug of War correctly does not encourage dog aggression.

3. Teach a new trick. Dogs are generally capable of learning more things than we think they can. Look online or ask your vet or fellow dog owners for suggestions. Teaching your dog new tricks could be fun for you while keeping your dog engaged.

4. Play fetch. Sure, playing fetch is an old stand-by activity for pet owners, but it’s a good one. Fetch encourages exercise and creates fun. Even 5 or 10 minutes of fetch in the middle of a busy day can do a lot of good. Get some fresh air! Boost the old metabolism!

5. Buy some bubbles. Nope, bubbles aren’t just for babies. Dogs love them, too! Buy a bottle of bubbles at the store and see what happens when you blow them for your favorite pooch. It’s an easy way to keep your dog entertained.

6. Rotate the toys. If your dog has played with the same toys for a long time, consider putting them up on a shelf and bringing out some new toys for your dog to enjoy. Rotating toys keeps things interesting!

7. Enjoy a play date. Call a friend or two and invite them to bring their dog to the house. You can socialize and your dog can socialize, and everybody wins! Nothing tires a dog out like playing with a fellow furry friend.

Bottom line: Exercise is crucial to your pet’s good health. If we can help you in any way, please call or stop by the office.

Log in today to see what convenient tools await you. Have a great summer!

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