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Dental Care Tips For Your Pet

Pet owners want the best care for your pet, and that includes their dental hygiene. We already try feeding them the best foods, and we take them to see our veterinarian often, but what else can we do to help? Just like humans, our pets need to take care of their teeth. It is estimated that over eighty percent of dogs aged three and above have dental disease. Dental disease is related to kidney, liver, and heart problems. If you want to avoid your pet becoming part of this statistic, here are some things you can do to help with their dental care.

4 Easy Dental Care Steps For Your Pet’s Teeth

The first and easiest thing you should do is make sure their diet consists of mainly hard and dry food. Feeding your pet canned wet food can increase dental problems. Wet food is less desirable than hard food because wet food sticks to their teeth. By sticking to hard food, your pet won’t need their teeth cleaned nearly as often as if you fed them wet food.

The next step to improving your pet’s dental health is by brushing their teeth. First, you can go the traditional routine and brush their teeth by using a toothbrush and a pet specific toothpaste. This should be done every day. Second, you can purchase dental spray from your veterinarian which kills bacteria and can help your pet’s overall dental care. Lastly, you can buy a dental specific rawhide from your veterinarian who will allow your pet to clean their teeth in a more natural manner. dental care tips for your pet

Just like human dental care, it is important for your pet to receive regular dental cleanings. Anesthesia is typically administered so that you pet is not scared and is able to sit still.

Overall, dental care is crucial to your pet’s health. There are numerous health problems that can be avoided if you take care of your pet’s teeth more frequently. If you have any questions regarding dental care for your pet, contact us today!

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