Large animal veterinarian in Midland, TXOwners of large animals often find that traditional dog and cat only veterinary clinics cannot adequately serve their needs. Horses, cows, pigs, goats, sheep and other barnyard residents have their own specific illness and injury challenges and therefore have special pet well care-rehab needs ranging from vaccinations to dental work. While most traditional veterinary facilities lack an equestrian vet or practitioners with experience treating large animals, A to Z Veterinary Clinic provides comprehensive care for farms and ranches as well as households.

Our veterinary clinic sees an exceptionally wide range of animals, including common and exotic pets, horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs and other farm animals — all of whom need access to veterinary treatment and preventative care. Many people in the Midland area keep horses, for instance. These animals are vulnerable to some specific issues that require the services of an equestrian vet.

For example, their teeth have a tendency to overgrow until chewing becomes impossible. An equine vet solves the problem through a wellness procedure called teeth floating in which the teeth are ground down to a uniform height. Hooves also require regular trimming and preventative care to help prevent a potentially crippling condition called laminitis. Our equine vet performs these procedures as a standard part of our large/farm animal care, while also administering vaccinations to protect against parasitic, viral and bacterial infections. We can also treat common equine conditions such as heaves, an asthma-like respiratory problem, and equine infectious anemia.

Other farm animals have their own specific pet well care-rehab needs, though these sometimes overlap. Both sheep and cows, for example, are vulnerable to liver fluke infestation, which can lead to anemia, liver failure and death if untreated. Both animals may also suffer from tapeworms, roundworms and other worm infestations, so we commonly recommend regular de-worming to control this problem, while also looking out for lice, mange and other common barnyard issues. Pigs must be protected against, or treated for, diseases such as porcine circovirus type 2, bacterial gut infections and swine dysentery. Chickens may inherit mycoplasma from their parents, and they face risk of infection with avian influenza or other diseases carried by rodents and wild birds.

Contact Our Clinic for All Your Large/Farm Animal Care Needs

We encourage Midland area residents who keep livestock or other farm animals to rely on our experienced veterinary practitioners for all of their animal care needs. Our veterinary team has years of experience working with all types of farm animals and can perform the proper wellness and treatment procedures for these animals, in addition to more traditional pet well care-rehab tasks. Periodic wellness checkups, and preventative techniques, deworming medications, vaccinations and hoof trimming can make an enormous difference in the overall health of these animals. Contact our office to learn more about the large/farm animal care services we provide.