Providing Veterinary Care for Dogs, Cats, Pocket Pets, Exotic Pets, and Large Animals

vet in Midland, TXOur experienced and knowledgeable veterinarians have the expertise to treat a wide range of animals. Dogs and cats remain popular pets, but we also treat horses, birds, exotic animals, such as snakes, lizards and other reptiles; rabbits and pocket pets such as rats, gerbils and hamsters; small and large farm animals. Our equestrian vet team has specialized experience in large animal care, a vet equine owners can turn to for a wide range of horse-related issues and conditions.

Our animal clinic provides all general veterinary services, from routine to emergency and urgent care. Our vets stay current by participating in continuing education to ensure our patients receive optimum care using the latest advancements in domestic and farm animal care. Our services include spay and neuter and other surgeries, physical therapy and rehabilitation, regular checkups and exams as well as specialized care tailored to treat specific conditions in specific animals.

We provide dental care, parasite treatments, cancer treatments as well as the full range of vaccinations. Our veterinary clinic can also provide a pet with a comprehensive wellness plan that can help combat obesity, maintain a healthy weight and ensure a pet has the healthiest possible lifestyle to promote the longest possible lifespan.

Dogs and cats are some of our most common patients, and we can help with the most common and even rare conditions. Diabetes mellitus, heartworm, roundworms and hypothyroidism are conditions that can affect both dogs and cats, while cats can also suffer from feline distemper. Our dog vet care includes treatments for canine distemper, canine parvovirus, hip dysplasia and vertigo, also known as old dog vestibular syndrome, which can lead to balance problems. We also treat gastric dilation volvulus, bloat and gastric torsion and knee ailments such as luxating patella and ruptured anterior cruciate ligament.

Large Animal Care, Farm Animal Care and Equestrian Care

horse-176990Horses are another common patient our animal clinic treats, and we offer thorough exams and care from a vet equine patients and owners can trust. Our equestrian vet is experienced in large animal care and can treat common horse issues that include colic and digestive problems, heaves, and laminitis and other hoof issues. Our equestrian vet provides dental exams, therapy and physical rehabilitation and vet equine emergency services.

Large animal care and farm animal care is tailored to each individual animal, always with an emphasis on sufficient nutrients and a healthy diet, ample exercise and seasonal care that can help animals get through a harsh summer or drastic winter. Exotic pets, birds and pocket pets also receive treatment tailored to the specific breed, also with an emphasis on proper diet and exercise as well as common condition that affect each species.