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What Are The Warning Signs Of Ear Mites In Cats?

What Are The Warning Signs Of Ear Mites In CatsThere are many different types of ear mites that can be found in cats. However, they all produce the same basic symptoms. The only difference in the various types is how they are treated.

Learning what the signs are of ear mites in cats will help educate you on when you should bring your pet in for treatment. If ear mites are suspected, a sample from your cats ear will be captured on a slide and looked at. If present, a vet can determine what type of ear mite is present based on the slide and appropriately treat your cat.

3 Signs That Ear Mites Are Present In Your Cat

Itchiness In The Ears

One of the signs that your cat has ear mites is costantly itching the ear. If ear mites are present, they can itch and bother your cat. Your cat may constantly be scratching both the inside and outside of the ear. In fact, they can scratch so often that they begin to lose their hair or scabs develop on or around the ear area. Infections can be caused if ear mites are treated, so if you see this sign, get your cat treated quickly.

Black Or Brown Ear Secretions

Another sign of potential ear mites in the ear of your cat is black or brown secretions. This is present in many different forms. If your cat is scratching their ear, you may see some black or brown debris fly out. You may also notice a tiny bit seeping out of their ear. If you look inside of their ear, you may see black or brown coffee-like secretions. All of this indicates that mites are present.

The brown or black secretions you see are the mites fecal matter. The more mites that are in the ear, the thicker the secretions will be. If the matter is thick and heavy, you know there is an infestation that has been going on for some time.

Strong Odor In The Ear

The last sign of ear mites in a cat is a strong odor in your cat’s ear or ears. If you notice your cat smells funny, you may try to sniff around the cat to determine where the scent is coming from. If you come to the ears and smell a bad odor, there is a good possibility your cat has an ear infection. This could be caused by ear mites or it could be caused by something else entirely.

Regardless, if your cat has an ear infection that is causing a strong and foul odor to be secreted from their ears, they need to be seen and receive antibiotics propmptly to prevent the infection from spreading.

If you suspect your cat has ear mites, you will want to have him or her treated quickly by a caring vet. A to Z Veterinary Clinic in Midland, Texas would love to help. We treat all types of pets with a variety of ailments. Call us today to schedule your appointment for your pet!

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